18″W x 20″H x 8″D

(1) Antique Loom “Flying Shuttle”
(1) Antique Brass Candle Holder
(1) Antique Gold-plated Broach
(8) Antique Brass Clock Parts
(1) Vintage Watch Works
(2) Vintage Music box Parts
(3) Antique Wood Clock Gears
(1) Vintage Gauge
(1) Vintage Amp Meter
(4) Antique Camera Parts
(1) Antique Cast Iron Train Car
(1) Vintage Brass Wagon Wheel
(1) Vintage Cox Gas Engine
(2) Vintage Cast aluminum Airplane Wings
(2) Vintage Steel & Brass Shell Casings
(8) Vintage Brass Candle Holder Parts
(1) Antique Cast Iron Anchor
(1) Vintage steel Candler Holder Base
Various Glass Tile
Sanded Grout
Wood Base

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