The Chrysalis

List of Materials:

(1) Antique Loom “Flying Shuttle”
(1) Antique brass compass
(1) Antique brass gas lamp valve
(1) Wood candle holder base
(3) Pieces from a brass candle holder
(1) Vintage Kodak camera view finder
(1) Vintage Keystone 8mm movie camera lens
(1) Vintage Bausch & Lomb lens
(1) Antique beach glass piece
(1) Vintage tin toy part
(2) Pieces from a brass eagle flag pole topper
(5) Pieces from vintage pocket watches
(4) Pieces from vintage music boxes
(3) Wood gear pieces from an antique clock
(1) Piece from a vintage Cox model gas engine
(3) Pieces of vintage jewelry
(1) Timing gear from a vintage motorcycle
(2) Small vintage clock works
(5) Vintage brass clock gears
(1) Vintage brass clock key

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