“HMS Nimbus”


HMS Nimbus

23″L x 28″H x 8″W

List of Materials:

  • Vintage Wood Ship
  • Vintage Balloon Lamp Shade
  • 2 Vintage Brass Candle Holders
  • 3 Antique Brass Gas Valves
  • Vintage Adding Machine Parts
  • Vintage Cash Register Counters and Parts
  • Antique Brass Weights
  • Antique Clock Key
  • Antique Camera Lens
  • Antique Brass Lion
  • Antique Lead Soldier
  • Vintage Brass and Mother of Pearl Barrel
  • Vintage Wood and Brass Chest
  • Vintage Glass Indicator Lights
  • Antique China Doll Torso
  • Vintage Angel Wings
  • Vintage Chrome Skull
  • Vintage Anniversary Clock Parts
  • Antique Brass Claw Foot
  • Antique Brass Letter Opener
  • Steel Plate Base with Clear resin And Acrylic Paint






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