“Hollow Cavallo”


“Hollow Cavallo” (Horse with Wellies)

14″W x 13″L x 12″H

List of Materials:

  • Vintage Toy Wood Horse
  • 4 Legs from Antique Burroughs Adding Machine
  • Antique Cameral Lenses
  • Antique Binocular Lenses
  • Vintage Camera Viewfinder
  • Vintage Glass Indicator light Lenses
  • Antique Comptometer Adding Machine Crank
  • Vintage Brass Eagle Wings
  • Antique Clock Parts
  • Antique Skeleton Key
  • Antique Typewriter Part
  • Antique Pocket Watch Part
  • Misc Found Piece




From the Indianapolis Star…

Artist assembles objects from the past to benefit historic preservation


“I’m focused on what I collect,” says Larry Agnello. “I’m probably a little bit of a hoarder. Everything I see, I think, ‘what could I do with that?’ “

The folks at Indiana Landmarks do roughly the same thing, taking stock of disused, dismissed properties.

So, when director of special events Mark Szobody went looking for an artist to exhibit during the organization’s annual Rescue Party on April 26, finding assemblage artist Agnello was a eureka moment.

“We like to have art which is relative to Indiana,” said Szobody.

Of Agnello, Szobody said, “He takes discarded objects and makes them art. It’s intense, complicated, and it’s artistic.”

Assemblique is the name of Agnello’s Indianapolis home studio.

The 50-year-old transplant from Long Island, N.Y., has lived here for six years and works as a graphic artist for Accurate Manufactured Products Group.

Fine-art photographer M.W. LaFary will be teamed with Assemblique for the Landmarks soiree.

“We think that the two artists make

a nice connection, really playing off of each other,” said Szobody.

Repurposed sculpture accented with black and white photos of decaying homes and landmarks in Indianapolis will be just a portion of the annual celebration befitting endangered places at the Rescue Party.

Contact Star photographer Frank Espich

at (317) 444-6412. Follow him on Twitter: @FrankEspich.

Indiana Landmarks Rescue Party


6 to 11 p.m. April 26


Indiana Landmarks Center, 1201 Central Ave.


$75 friend, $125 patron


(800) 450-4534 or