“Hollow Cavallo”


“Hollow Cavallo” (Horse with Wellies)

14″W x 13″L x 12″H

List of Materials:

  • Vintage Toy Wood Horse
  • 4 Legs from Antique Burroughs Adding Machine
  • Antique Cameral Lenses
  • Antique Binocular Lenses
  • Vintage Camera Viewfinder
  • Vintage Glass Indicator light Lenses
  • Antique Comptometer Adding Machine Crank
  • Vintage Brass Eagle Wings
  • Antique Clock Parts
  • Antique Skeleton Key
  • Antique Typewriter Part
  • Antique Pocket Watch Part
  • Misc Found Piece




2 thoughts on ““Hollow Cavallo”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I was looking for a flying pegasus, and this was on the 4th page of google hits. Blessed to have clicked through to this page. What a treat after so many non-starters!

    • Thanks. I have a bigger Pegasus type piece as well, called “cavalique”, and another horse called “shadowmere”. Let me know if you’d like to commission a Pegasus, I don’t copy previous pieces , all my stuff is one of a kind, but I could do something similar. If you didn’t like it after I was finished you’d be under no obligation to buy it. Thanks again

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