“Ben Grady” commission

“Ben Grady”

24″H x 11″W x 5″D

Commissioned by Sheri A., made from her father’s parts. He had owned a business telephone company back in the day, and had left her many bins full of old parts, vintage electronics, etc. She asked me to use them to create some masks using his parts, and Ben Grady is the first.

Parts include:

  • Alligator clips
  • Ceramic disk capacitors
  • vintage camera lenses,
  • cast metal eagle wing parts
  • Antique brass lamp parts
  • Hexagon key tags
  • Vintage wood and horse hair brushes
  • Vintage indicator light bulbs

There is an LED light inside one of his eyes, the last photo shows Ben with the LED turned on.



3 thoughts on ““Ben Grady” commission

    • Hi Joy, thank you, and yes, I sell my work. If you click on the “available” category button on the right side it will give you the pieces that are available for sale right now, although I have quite a few new pieces that may not be shown yet

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