HMS Albatross


List of Materials: • Vintage Wood Ship Model Hull • Antique Protectograph Check Writer Base • Antique Comptometer Adding Machine Parts • Vintage Adding Machine Parts • Antique Typewriter Parts • Vintage Balloon Lamp Shade • Antique Clock Parts • Antique Cash Register Parts • Vintage Indicator Light Lenses • Antique German Doll Head • Misc. Found Objects DSC09019 DSC09020 DSC09021 DSC09022 DSC09024 DSC09025 DSC09026 DSC09027 DSC09028 DSC09029 DSC09030 DSC09031

“Hollow Cavallo”


“Hollow Cavallo” (Horse with Wellies)

14″W x 13″L x 12″H

List of Materials:

  • Vintage Toy Wood Horse
  • 4 Legs from Antique Burroughs Adding Machine
  • Antique Cameral Lenses
  • Antique Binocular Lenses
  • Vintage Camera Viewfinder
  • Vintage Glass Indicator light Lenses
  • Antique Comptometer Adding Machine Crank
  • Vintage Brass Eagle Wings
  • Antique Clock Parts
  • Antique Skeleton Key
  • Antique Typewriter Part
  • Antique Pocket Watch Part
  • Misc Found Piece